December 14, 2011

Blessed Sacrament Wedding Videographer :: Walpole, MA :: Jenna and Paul (Part II - Ceremony)

And now, time for another clip featuring Jenna and Paul.  When it comes to editing wedding films, we typically edit the ceremony first and then edit the reception second.  After all, in most weddings, that’s the normal progression of events.  But with Jenna’s amazing first dance with her father being so breathtaking, we had to break the rules and start with the reception first!  You can see their elegant father-daughter dance here.

Neeta and I arrived at Blessed Sacrament Church (Walpole, MA) about an hour prior to the start of the ceremony.  While mass was still in progress, we captured some great exterior shots of the church with the help of our 3-foot camera slider (one of my favorite new tools).  Neeta strategically placed our copy of the wedding invitation on top of a bed of flowers to capture a nice detail shot of the invitation.

As soon as we could enter the church, we setup our microphones and then proceeded to capture some wide-angle shots of guests arriving.  Neeta captured a great shot of Paul (below) trying to sneak a peek of the guests!

Several minutes later, two white stretch limos pulled up in front of the church and I went to work capturing the wedding party.  I love the shot of Jenna (above) saying hello to her bridesmaids from the limo (with the window partially rolled down).

Perhaps it was the way that the natural sunlight gave Jenna and her wedding party a wonderful glow.  Perhaps it was the forecast of rain that turned out to be completely wrong and instead turned out to be a beautiful day, featuring a breathtaking sunset during the reception.  (Jenna had emailed me two days prior to the wedding with a subject line of “rain rain… go away….” Guess it worked!)   Or perhaps it was just that two people who had worked so hard in planning their wedding day were so thrilled for their special day to finally become a reality.  Whatever the reason, the smiles on the faces of Jenna and Paul say it all.   You can’t help but smile yourself when you see just how happy the two of them look!

Coming soon…. Jenna and Paul’s wedding recap film!

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