November 2, 2011

Lake Pearl Wedding Videographer :: Wrentham, MA :: Jenna and Paul (Part I - Parent Dances)

I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna and Paul back in September 2010, more than a year before their wedding date. It was a beautiful late summer evening, and we sat outside on their patio to discuss their wedding plans. With their wedding being over a year away, we had only a few details to work with. But one thing was certain... there would ballroom dancing and quite possibly an elegant ballroom dance between Jenna and her father Richard (good name, by the way)!

Skip ahead to September 24, 2011. Dinner has been served to all guests at Lake Pearl in Wrentham, MA, and the DJ has announced that parent dances will be coming up momentarily. Neeta and I position ourselves on the dance floor strategically at right-angles to each other to capture the upcoming performance in cinematic style.  Naturally, we've been to many weddings and we’ve seen many father-daughter dances. But Jenna’s dance (an elegant foxtrot that evolves into an upbeat swing dance and then back to a foxtrot) with her father is timeless, stylish, and oh-so-much-fun to watch! Their graceful footwork, reminiscent of the dynamic dancing duo Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, gets our vote for top-pick in the “father-daughter dances” category! I’m sure if Bruno Tonioli from “Dancing with the Stars” was on hand to judge, he’d be giving an enthusiastic “10” to the dancing couple! Neeta and I are also avid ballroom dancers, so it is always nice to meet other ballroom dancers who know how to “burn the floor”.

More fun (and video clips) to come soon. Check back often!

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