November 18, 2011

St. Timothy Catholic Church Wedding Videographer :: Norwood, MA :: Katelyn and Damon (Part I - Preparations)

There's just something about shooting wedding preparations that I absolutely love.  You can almost feel the anticipation from the bride and groom as they get ready for the big day.  But there's also a sense of excitement and happiness that is so easily seen by the smiles on everyone's faces.  Such is the case with Katelyn and Damon and their amazing wedding on September 17, 2011.

Bill (one of our second shooters) and I met up early that morning, packed up our gear, and headed over to St. Timothy Catholic Church in Norwood, MA.  Once we had our equipment ready for the ceremony, I quickly headed over to the home of Katelyn's mother (where the bridal party was getting ready) and started with a shot of Katelyn coming down the stairs in her wedding gown.  Bill stayed at the church to capture footage of the church as well as Damon with his best man and groomsmen.  This worked out perfectly and we were both able to capture some great candid shots of Katelyn and Damon just having fun.  It was almost like having backstage passes to a concert... where we got to see the stars getting ready for their big event!

One of my favorite new tools is my DP slider, a 3-foot smooth-gliding track that helps me capture some truly dramatic "moving" shots.  Even totally static subjects (such as a statue or a bouquet of flowers) seem to come alive when applying a slight horizontal glide-motion to the shot.  Bill captured a really neat time-lapse shot of the church's interior lights being turned on one at a time.  The entire sequence of lights being turned on took about 15 seconds, but we were able to speed it up to make it look even more dramatic!

But enough about the technicalities.  You can't help but smile yourself when you see the smiles on both Katelyn and Damon's faces.  The look that Katelyn and her father share as he enters the limo (an antique Rolls Royce, by the way!) is just precious, as is the smile of excitement from Damon as he notices me trying to capture a candid shot of him at the church!

Congratulations to Katelyn and Damon!  More to come soon!

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