December 7, 2011

Barker Tavern Wedding Videographer :: Scituate Harbor, MA :: Katelyn and Damon (Part II - Reception)

There’s something to be said about weddings in the late summer, especially in New England.  With the perfect blend of comfortable weather and long summer days, September is one of my favorite months for weddings.

Immediately following Katelyn and Damon’s wedding ceremony, Bill and I packed our gear and headed down to Scituate Harbor to capture the newly-wedded couple’s photo session at Scituate Lighthouse.  For all you couples considering Scituate Harbor as a backdrop for your photoshoot, I highly recommend it!  There is plenty of parking around the lighthouse, and it’s just a short walk to an area that has beautiful views of the harbor.

I love it when couples are comfortable in front of the camera, and Katelyn and Damon certainly earn points for being so easy to work with.  You can hear Dorie of Dorie Lynn Photography giving suggestions for poses, but Katelyn and Damon only need to hear the suggestions once.  They took the suggestions and made it their own (with lots of laughter in between)!

We then headed to Barker Tavern, about a mile away from Scituate Harbor.  There was a wonderful feeling of “welcomeness” (if that’s a real word!) as soon as we walked into this restaurant/function venue, an almost nostalgic feeling as if I had been there before.  Maybe it was the super friendly staff or the festive floral centerpieces with the candlelit “hurricane” style lanterns on each of the tables.  I wonder if Katelyn and Damon had picked this location because of the spaciousness of the vaulted ceilings and the huge floor-to-ceiling windows allowing ample sunlight to pour into the room.  We used some of that amazing sunlight to capture some dynamically lit shots of the centerpieces, the rings, and the cake!

While I was capturing footage indoors, Bill took his gear and headed outdoors to capture the wedding party on the Tavern’s private lawn.  We’ve never seen a wedding party with a “mustache” theme, but I was so thrilled to see how much fun everyone was having .  And here’s where the beauty of having a wedding film really shines.  You can see and hear the wedding party with all their mustache antics.  I can’t help but smile when I see this clip… it’s just so much fun to watch!  I hope you enjoy it, too.

Coming soon, Katelyn and Damon’s wedding recap film!

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