About Us


Specializing in multi-camera HD event videography, we capture your wedding day unobtrusively and create a unique cinematic masterpiece. We don't just record the event, we take your wedding film to the next level with creative shot techniques and attention to minute details.  Each film we create is a unique piece of work and we don't use a cookie-cutter approach to any project.  We pride ourselves on our stylistic "cinematic" approach to preserving your wedding day.  Slow pans, emotional close-ups, and dramatic wide-angle shots are just a few of the techniques we use to capture all the excitement.  We shoot all weddings in 1080p high-definition for the sharpest images and use a variety of microphones to capture your vows with utmost clarity.  We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and updating you throughout the entire process. It's your event, and our goal is to create a video that you will be proud to share with friends and family.



A key component of every video we produce is the trueDEMO disc that you receive after all the initial editing is complete. The trueDEMO allows you to view your project semi-completed and request changes to the video prior to the final version being delivered. We feel this service is critical to your overall satisfaction with the video. Every couple that we've worked with has enjoyed the trueDEMO disc as it has allowed them to fine-tune their wedding film and provide input for the final product . Perhaps the volume is too low at a particular point in the video, or you want to remove a certain segment of footage. With the trueDEMO disc, you get to request changes prior to the final Blu-ray or DVD being delivered. We embed a special "timecode" on the screen so you can pinpoint the places where the changes need to be made. (Don't worry, the timecode won't appear on the final video!) Our customers repeatedly tell us how much they appreciate the trueDEMO process. 



I've been producing event videography films for over 15-years, and I'm passionate about creating wedding films in particular.  No two weddings are ever alike, and likewise, no two wedding films are ever alike.  I embrace the challenges of capturing the best shots/angles while trying to stay blended in with the surroundings.  The best wedding films are the ones where the bride and groom are completely natural with each other.... with me and my team there to capture the activities in cinematic style.  I always have a smile on my face and try to "go with the flow" as much as possible.






My years of design and layout experience have given me a keen eye on what to look for in a shot.  I oftentimes shoot as 2nd videographer while working with Richard.  We're a great team, and having multiple camera angles allows us to capture different facets of the event.  One camera may be capturing the bride and groom speaking their wedding vows, while another camera captures a beaming guest wiping away a tear.  Small glimpses into the day help to compose a meaningful and heartfelt wedding film.