October 3, 2012

Lake Pearl Wedding Videographer :: Wrentham, MA :: Nicole and Neal (Part I - Wedding Ceremony)

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole and Neal back in April, 2012.  From the start, I could tell they were both excited about their wedding day.  Perhaps it was the way they would complete each other’s sentences that gave away their like-mindedness about their wedding plans.  It’s always so nice to meet people who are so kind and in-tune with one another!

Jump ahead to September 8, 2012 to their wedding day.  Though I didn’t know ahead of time they would be writing their own vows, as soon as Elizabeth Gemelli, JP announced they would be reading their personally-written vows, I knew this would be a special ceremony.  And for those of you who have followed my blog for some time, you’ll know I am a huge fan of personally-written vows!  They allow us to learn more about the couple and how perfectly matched they are for each other.

Here is a short-version of their wedding ceremony that took place at the elegant Lake Pearl function hall.  They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  We all know that weather in New England can be tricky to coordinate around, but not a single drop of rain fell during their ceremony!  What a stroke of luck!  Nicole and Neal will be receiving the full ceremony on their wedding film DVDs, but to help share their amazing vows with their friends and family, I’m making this short version available on my blog.  Enjoy!

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