September 26, 2012

Providence Biltmore Hotel Wedding Videographer :: Providence, RI :: Shannon and Michael (Part I - Introductions and First Dance)

On August 11, 2012, Neeta and I had the pleasure of working with Shannon and Michael on their amazing wedding day.  We typically post video clips of the wedding day in sequential order (ceremony highlights, reception highlights, and then wedding film recap), but once we started to review the hours of high-definition footage we had captured, we had to make a special exception for this couple.  When your parents are the owners of a ballroom dance studio, it’s almost expected that you’ll see a great first dance.  But words aren’t sufficient to describe the sheer elegance and graceful choreography of this couple’s first dance.  You see, Shannon’s parents are the owners of Savaria Dance Studio in Norwood, MA, a ballroom dance studio that caters to all levels of dancers and prides itself on helping wedding couples learn the perfect first dance!  So we had a feeling there would be a snazzy first dance.  But words cannot do it must watch the video clip below to truly appreciate their first dance!  And if you want to waltz just like Shannon and Michael on your wedding day, give Savaria a try.  The teachers and staff (who were also at the wedding!) are some of the nicest people I have met!

But let’s not forget about their wedding party.  After all, what’s a wedding without the wedding party?  Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever seen such an animated group of individuals who are also such great dancers!  You can't help but chuckle at their hilarious antics, and I find myself tapping my feet in-time with their song choices for their introductions.  Yes, the view from the top floor of the Providence Biltmore Hotel’s grand ballroom overlooking downtown Providence was breathtaking.  And yes, the uplighting (casting a soft warm red/pink glow) gave the ballroom a surreal elegance.  But the real stars of the night were Shannon, Michael, and their wedding party members!

To make it easier to view their video clips, I’ve broken down the video clip into wedding party introductions followed by Shannon/Michael introductions and their first dance.  Enjoy!  More video clips to come soon!

Wedding party introductions:

Shannon and Michael’s introductions and thrilling first dance:

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