August 5, 2012

Oceanview Wedding Videographer :: Nahant, MA :: Faith and Chris (Part II - Cake Cutting)

And now more fun with Faith and Chris!

Over the years, we've filmed many cake cuttings at weddings.  Some cakes have been adorned with intricate flowers and decorations, and some have had traditional figurines placed at the top of the cake.  But we had never seen custom-made bobble-head figurines until Faith and Chris' wedding!  What a great idea!  The bobble-heads figurines, made by a friend of the newlyweds', were a fun way to personalize their special day and give more meaning to their wedding cake.  And not to mention.... what a great keepsake by which to remember the wedding day!

Faith and Chris went all out with having a traditional wedding cake as well as a special rum-flavored "groom's cake" for Chris.  I'm not sure how they got their timing down so perfectly, but they were able to complete both cake cuttings within the timeframe of the theme song to the hit sitcom "Perfect Strangers" from the late 80s and early 90s!  (Good ol' cousins Larry and Balki and their "Dance of Joy"!)

Enjoy, more to come soon!

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