July 4, 2012

Oceanview Wedding Videographer :: Nahant, MA :: Faith and Chris (Part I - Vows)

We’re officially kicking off our 2012 wedding season with Faith and Chris!

Faith and Chris were married on Saturday 6/30/2012 at the magnificent Oceanview Function Hall in Nahant, MA.  Neeta and I arrived just as the guest seating area was being setup on the grassy park area just a short walk behind Oceanview, and we quickly setup our equipment to capture some amazing detail shots of the venue and flowers.  Shortly thereafter, Chris arrived looking all dapper in his tux and we fit him with a wireless microphone to capture the vows between him and Faith.
I am always moved when couples write their own vows.  Custom vows (as I call it!) add an extra touch of creativity and personality to the wedding ceremony, and the vows between Faith and Chris are absolutely heartfelt and moving!  You can’t help but feel a teardrop well up in your eyes as you hear their vows.  Normally we use short clips of vows for online samples, but their vows are so touching, I thought I had to share their entire vows with our readers.

Much more to come soon!

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  1. Best custom vows I've heard. Tears of joy still come to my eyes as I watch them online. I vow to be the
    best 'female DiFranco' cousin as long as you both
    shall live! Cheers!