September 9, 2011

Seaport World Trade Center Wedding Videographer :: Boston, MA :: Lindsay and Chris (Part III - Wedding Recap)

Lindsay and Chris are an amazing couple and we’ve had so much fun working on their wedding film.  It’s always sad when a project ends, but don’t worry, we have one final post—their wedding recap film.  A recap film is a short (3-5 minute) summary of the entire wedding day, highlighting key moments and arranging them in a way that tells an emotional story about the couple.  It was hard trying to figure out what footage to use for their 4 ½ minute recap film (set to the song “Yellow” by Coldplay) because there was just so much great footage from the wedding!  But in the end, I think you’ll agree that this recap film tells their story and makes you feel like you were part of their wedding festivities!

Special thanks to Nora and Troy from Aurora Photography for their still image contributions near the end of the recap film.  If you’re looking for a great wedding photography team, Nora and Troy should be on your short list—they are amazing!!  I absolutely love the last image in the recap, where Lindsay and Chris are posed with the Boston skyline at sunset.  Now THAT’s a wedding portrait!

As a filmmaker, I often get asked why I love creating wedding films.  The answer is simple… I get to capture some of life’s happiest moments and transform the footage into a cinematic work of art.   I hope you enjoy Lindsay and Chris’ recap film.

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