January 13, 2011

Hyatt Regency Cambridge Wedding Videographer :: Cambridge, MA :: Emily and Travis (Part II - Cake Cutting)

And now, time for another clip from Emily and Travis' wedding!  This time, the clip is from the cake cutting during their reception.  As I was working on this part of the video, I started wondering about the meaning behind cutting a wedding cake.  When did this tradition become mainstream, and what does it symbolize?

Thanks to Wikipedia, I now know that the tradition of having the newly married couple cut the cake started during the Roman Empire.  This act symbolized the first joint task that the husband and wife would perform in their new life together.  And the tradition of feeding each other wedding cake symbolized their commitment to each other.  It's amazing that these age-old traditions are still part of modern-day weddings!  How's that for your daily dose of trivia?

While some couples may try to make a mess when feeding each other cake, Emily and Travis fed each other politely and neatly!  It's so nice to see how much they care about each other, and how thoughtful they are on their wedding day.  Every bride knows it can take a long time to get hair and makeup looking just right, and messing up all that work with flour, sugar, and all the other things that go into a cake (can you tell that I can't bake!?) is not for everyone!

You can see guests cheering on Emily and Travis as they carefully feed each other.  Having two cameras really makes a difference, as you not only get the primary action, but you also see the reactions of the guests!

And now, on to the cake cutting.  Coming soon, Emily and Travis' wedding recap!

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