August 3, 2015

Ipswich Country Club Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker :: Ipswich, MA :: Danielle and Jared (Part II - Wedding Party Introductions)

And now, time for some more fun with Danielle and Jared!

When it comes to introductions, Danielle and Jared's wedding party is an absolute "pro" at making a grand entrance.  We loved watching all the playful antics of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, but we were blown away by how the crowd went wild when DJ Peter Accolla told the guests to "make some noise" for the newlywed couple!  We're so happy that Danielle and Jared had so many friends and family at the elegant Ipswich Country Club to share the love on their very special day.

We're in the final stages of wedding film production for Danielle and Jared, but thought we'd share this fun clip from their reception.  We love hearing all the cheering and excitement as Danielle and Jared get officially introduced as a married couple!

Coming up next.... Danielle and Jared's wedding film recap.  Check back soon!

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