December 21, 2012

Moseley's on the Charles Wedding Videographer :: Dedham, MA :: Courtney and Scott (Part II - Thriller Dance)

To say that Courtney and Scott are a fun couple would be an understatement.  To say that they are full of surprises and love to have a great time, now that's more on par!  When I met with Courtney and Scott for our final meeting three weeks prior to their wedding, we discussed all the usual wedding day timelines and details that I typically discuss with couples.  But toward the end of the meeting, they told me that there would be a flash-mob-style dance set to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (performed by members of the wedding party) immediately following the wedding party introductions.  Now that's certainly a first for me!
I've seen flash-mob-style dances being performed in malls, parking lots, and other relatively open venues.  But at a wedding?  This was certainly going to be a challenge to capture all the action while trying to stay out of the way so that guests could enjoy the performance as well.  So to the drawing board I went to figure out camera logistics!

Jump ahead to September 29, 2012.  As soon as the ceremony had ended, Shawn and I headed over to Moseley's on the Charles to prepare for the reception.  Moseley's has a beautiful (and huge!) dance floor.  (And for those who may be looking for a venue for your wedding reception, if you're looking for a great venue for dancing relatively close to Boston, this should be on your short list.  Their dance floor can accommodate a LOT of people!)  But the large dance floor also posed the question of what would be the best angles to capture the wedding party introductions and the flash-mob-style dance.  We set up three HD cameras at different vantage points to make sure we had full coverage, and then we started placing specialized microphones all throughout the venue to capture all the audience excitement.  We totally lucked out with the placement of our video lights.  With the lights high and above the dance floor, the semi-backlit look gave the wedding party dancers the perfect ominous look that was part of the original Thriller dance!

Special thanks to Peter Brady from Good Times Unlimited for allowing us to place an HD camera on his DJ table so that we could get a truly unique vantage point from the raised DJ platform.  Peter was extremely easy to work with and made our job so much easier!

And the result?  Well, you'll just have to watch the clip below to see for yourself.  But if you ask me, Courtney and Scott did an amazing job planning this awesome performance and I'm so happy to have been part of this experience.  While editing this part of their wedding film, I couldn't help but tap my feet every time the song came on!

And coming soon, Courtney and Scott's recap film!


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