October 31, 2012

Providence Biltmore Hotel Wedding Videographer :: Providence, RI :: Shannon and Michael (Part II - Wedding Recap)

When I met with Shannon and her mother Leslie for our final review meeting, Shannon told me that her wedding had a theme; it would be a classy event.  And classy it was!  Neeta and I have been to many weddings over the years, but I think Shannon and Michael’s wedding is a serious contender for the title of classiest wedding!  From the majestic ceremony at the picturesque St. Dominic Chapel to the stunning views on the rooftop ballroom of the Providence Biltmore Hotel, words cannot do justice to the sheer elegance of their wedding day.  (That’s where video comes in handy!)  Oh, and let’s not forget the pink and red up-lights washing the walls of the ballroom or the gobo-light streaming “Shannon and Michael” in white light on to the Biltmore’s Grand Ballroom dance floor.  Of course, if you missed the wedding party’s comical entrance or Shannon and Michael’s thrilling first dance, definitely check them out!  They’ll inspire you to brush up on your dancing skills, or perhaps, learn a step or two for your own first dance!

There are so many great moments from Shannon and Michael’s wedding and I wish I could share all of them with you.   Perhaps you’re lucky enough that you can ask the newlywed for a copy of their wedding film on high-definition Blu-ray disc to see all the exciting moments.  But for everyone else, here’s a glimpse into their amazing wedding day.  We call these wedding highlights our “recap” films, and they’re great for reliving the memories of the wedding day.  And if you're looking for a photographer, definitely check out Margaret Belanger.  Meg is a stunning photographer and her work clearly speaks for itself.  Check out her site and blog to see what she's working on now.  Let's not forget the ever-important limousine service to transport you from venue to venue.  Tom Theroux at A-Formal Limousine and Rolls Royce Service is top notch in customer service.  He has the elegant 1961 Classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II in his fleet (as well as other vehicles), the same one that you see in the video below.

It’s been a pleasure working with Shannon and Michael and we wish them the best of luck for a happy future together.  Now without further delay, let’s get to the recap.  Enjoy!

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