March 30, 2012

Blu-ray or DVD? How about both!

Couples often ask why purchasing a combo-disc set is such an important investment. So I thought it would be helpful for me to take a few minutes and talk about DVD vs Blu-ray discs.

Our combo-disc sets include both a DVD (standard-definition) and a Blu-ray disc (high-definition), all neatly packaged in one dual-disc Blu-ray case.  In order to play your wedding film in true HD quality, you'll need to have your wedding film created on a Blu-ray disc (also known as BD).  While DVD and BD may appear to be identical (both discs are circular and the share the same dimensions), BD can hold over five times the amount of data of a DVD, making Blu-ray the only way to store the enormous amounts of data required to display true HD content.  With a Blu-ray wedding film, all the memories of the wedding day will be preserved in the highest quality technically possible!

But not everyone owns a BD player.  According to a report published by Home Media Magazine, at the end of 2011, only one in four homes had BD players.  With the price of BD players decreasing rapidly, owning a Blu-ray disc player is becoming even more affordable.  Most retailers now sell BD players for less than $90, and I've seen many retailers in recent weeks advertising players around the $50 price point!  If you'd like help in finding a great deal on a BD player, shoot us a line and we'll share current deals we've found.  These deals change every week (sometimes the deals are valid only for a day or two), so you'll need to act quickly before time runs out.  And no, I don't get any kickbacks for referring you! :)

So if you don't already own a BD player, but are considering purchasing one in the next few months (or year), a combo-disc set will allow you to watch your wedding film on DVD for the time being, and then in true HD brilliance when you purchase your Blu-ray player!  You get the flexibility of using existing hardware to play your film on DVD without locking yourself out of the HD revolution of Blu-ray!  And if you're really curious about what type of Blu-ray case we use (yes, there is a difference!), we use only premium Amaray Blu-ray cases, the exact same case that Hollywood film companies use to distribute their films.  They even have the silver-colored "Blu-ray Disc" logo imprinted on the front.  These are the best Blu-ray cases available for archiving precious content, and we don't use cheaper "knock-off" versions of this case.

If you'd like to learn more about our combo-disc sets, shoot us a line.

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