November 5, 2010

The Amazing Steadicam!

Lately, I've been getting lots of inquiries about our Steadicam equipment.  "What is a Steadicam?  Will my footage look that much better?"  Typically, most people have never heard the term "Steadicam", but if you see footage from a Steadicam, you'll immediately its qualities and traits.  Steadicams fall into the category of camera stabilization equipment, and have been used in almost every Hollywood movie produced since the mid 1970s (when the Steadicam was born).  Chances are, you've seen a movie, TV show, or commercial that incorporated Steadicam footage.  These devices produce ultra-smooth moving shots, almost as if the camera were "floating" through the air.  The result is an almost surreal, dream-like quality to the footage where the subject (i.e. the bride/groom) is appears to remain stationary in the frame while the objects around them continue to move.

Here's a clip from a ballroom dance performance we recently shot.  All the "general dancing" shots were shot using a Steadicam, creating a floating/flying feel to the footage.  You'll notice that some of the shots have very subtle camera movement (camera is panning from left to right very slowly).  This is intentional, as slight changes in camera positioning can help to keep an otherwise static shot interesting, and the Steadicam does this amazingly well!  While this footage isn't from an actual wedding, it is the largest grouping of Steadicam footage we have from a single-event.  This footage can give you an idea of the shots that can be achieved for your event.  All our packages include the use of a Steadicam at no extra cost.  It's just one more way we achieve our cinematic approach to film-making.

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