November 25, 2010

Our Lady's Parish, Hyatt Harborside Wedding Videographer :: Newton, MA and Boston, MA :: Dana and Thomas - Wedding Vows

Everyone knows that having the right tools for the job is what separates the amateurs from the pros.  Capturing wedding vows, blessings, and readings in a wedding video may seem simple, but capturing the dialogue clearly is a true challenge.  This is where having the right tools certainly pays off!

Our typical wedding ceremony setup involves four microphones (groom, officiant, reader podium, musician/cantor).  We strategically place microphones to capture the audio as clear as possible.  This ensures that all dialogue, music, and singing can be heard clearly by our cameras, and ultimately, by you the viewer.  For the groom and officiant, we use wireless microphones (a small belt-worn transmitter with a tiny microphone that clips to the lapel of the wearer).  For the podium and cantor/musician, we place a small floor-standing or table-top microphone next to the location.  Don't worry, we don't "mic" the bride, as trying to conceal a wireless microphone on a wedding gown is no easy feat!  Our microphones are extremely sensitive, so any dialogue (such as vows) that the bride speaks will be picked up by the groom's wireless mic.

Here is an example of the clarity of the audio that you can expect with us capturing your wedding.  Notice how you can hear every nuance of the couple's wedding vows.  In large venues, it is possible that some audience members may not be able to hear every word of the couple's vows.  But our cameras pick up every word with crystal clarity.

This wedding took place at Our Lady Help of Christians Church in Watertown, MA.  What an amazing church!  And what an amazing couple!

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